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dandelion salad

11 Apr

Weeds are nature’s graffiti.  ~Janice Maeditere

Dandelions are popping up all over the garden. I have always had a love/hate relationship with them. Although I admire their strength and determination, and undying persistence so common in weeds; I also abhor seeing them pop up in between my plants in the garden. Instead of ripping them out and laying them to waste, I like to eat them. Everything in my garden is used!

The young greens make for a great salad.  They taste like arugula. To offset the bitterness, I mix in some strawberries. Here’s a recipe for the dandelion salad I had today:

Dandelion young greens (from my garden)
Chives (from my garden)
Oil and Vinegar
Lemon Juice (a few drops)

Toss and enjoy!

As for the dandelion flower heads, I have been harvesting them to make a dandelion wine. More on that next week!

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